Information on Local Businesses in Worcestershire

Has Worcestershire become the business central of the UK? Worcestershire has an array of businesses whose headquarters are in one of the 6 districts. In Worcestershire business news, the county was ranked 18th in the entire country, for having the most start-up companies in 2017. Ken Pollock, a councillor for Worcestershire responsible for economy and infrastructure, stated that he and his team are attempting to make the county more entrepreneurial and increase the volume of new companies in the area. Some of the most precedent companies in Worcestershire are: GKN, Victoria PLC, Vision Labs and Indra.

Redditch is a district of the county, which contributes greatly to the total amount of business in Worcestershire as a whole. Companies in Redditch (which have their head offices there) include Halfords, and GKN. GKN is a company which designs and produces high quality systems, structures and services. They have different divisions such as, GKN aerospace and GKN driveline. They are a successful, multinational engineering company in Redditch and they have companies in more than 30 countries and they employ over 55,000 individuals. Furthermore, the famous fitness-wear brand, Gymshark Ltd was one of the companies in Redditch that was doing so well they needed to expand and move their headquarters to Solihull in 2017.

Undoubtedly, thriving companies in Redditch make Worcestershire a landmark for business. Nonetheless, Wyre Forest also have impressive businesses – one of them being Victoria PLC - which was first established in 1895. A manufacturer and supplier of unique flooring products which produce a variety of carpets, ceramic/porcelain tiles and other flooring accessories. According to Consultancy’s data, Victoria PLC had the second highest average growth, among mid-market players in Worcestershire in 2017, with 89.3%. However, Lioncourt Homes Limited - an impressive real estate business in Worcester - is in first place, with the highest average growth of 123.3% and over £40 million turnover.

Another Worcestershire business, also set in Wyre Forest, is Vision Labs - a business specialising in ophthalmic lens development and laboratory training. It is a company which won the ‘Business of the Year 2018’ award from the Chamber of Commerce for Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Lastly, a business set in Malvern, Indra, known for manufacturing electric vehicles and smart energy technology by incorporating innovative ideas and making them come to life. This company was rewarded, by the Chamber of Commerce, for being the most innovative business in Worcestershire and Herefordshire for 2018.

Have a business in Worcestershire?

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