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Residents Parking Schemes

Residents' Parking Schemes

residents parking

Residents' Parking Schemes (RPS) are designed to give residents, who cannot provide parking within their own curtilage, priority to park on-street in an area otherwise regularly used by others for long term parking.

Worcestershire's Policy (PDF 97.75 KB) sets out the County Council's approach towards the provision of RPS on the local road network within this county and any requests are considered against the key criteria detailed below:

Key Criteria

  • There must be a sustained and ongoing parking conflict.
  • Less than 50% of residences have a facility to park off road or the ability to provide such a facility.
  • The Scheme should be self financing, with set up and running costs covered by revenue from parking permit fees.
  • 80% of residents in the area under consideration agree to its' implementation.
  • There should be sufficient on-street parking available to issue a minimum of 1 parking permit per residence.
  • An adequate amount of acceptable off-street parking should be available to accommodate any displaced vehicles in the vicinity.
  • The Scheme should maintain the safe and free flow of traffic.

Please also consider the following 'key facts':

Key Facts

  • A scheme increases the chance of residents being able to park closer to their homes, where there was once a significant level of non-resident parking.
  • A scheme does not guarantee residents a parking space.
  • Schemes have to be self financing - parking permits costing in the region of £40 per permit per annum.
  • The number of permits per residence (up to a maximum of 3) will be determined by the full faced kerb space available within the area.
  • Limited visitor permits would be available for an additional fee.
  • Business permits would be available (in proportion to their highway frontage), with consideration being given to business type and immediate pressure for parking adjacent to them.
  • Additional parking restrictions may be necessary when formalising parking in order to ensure adequate visibility at junctions. This may result in the loss of some parking places but ultimately will make the road safer.


Once you have considered all these relevant points and feel that your area may be appropriate, please raise your request for a Residents' Parking Scheme through your local County Councillor.

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