Professional Support and Development

Information, advice and consultancy visits are available. We can discuss any aspect of the organisation, management and development of the school library.

Librarians are also available to give talks on children's books and promoting new books in schools to children, teachers, governors and other classroom helpers.

Primary School Library Charter

The SLA Primary School Library Charter is a 12-page booklet intended to help you set up and run a school library, or give you ideas for improving what you already have

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As part of the Ofsted Inspection cycle, schools are expected to undertake rigorous self-evaluation of their performance. In response to these developments a framework for the self-evaluation of school libraries has been produced.

This document was sent into every school in Worcestershire, and is also available to download from

The Schools' Library Service is available to help schools assess their current situation and advise on the way forward.

Cost of package:

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Library Makeover

Schools' Library Service are able to:

Leaving your school with a revitalised library immediately ready for pupils' use

Cost of package: One day of Professional Librarian time + assistant = £694

SLS will give estimates of how many day's time will be needed according to individual school's needs. This does avoid the need to employ supply cover for school staff.

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Computerisation of your school library

The Schools' Library Service is able to advise on computer packages for the school library. We have contact names of suppliers and a list of local schools with systems who are able to pass on their experiences.

Please get in touch if you require advice. Tel 01905 420273 or email

One system for primary schools – MLS, offer a discount if purchased through the SLS. Installation and quick cataloguing of the MLS system by SLS is available. This is charged at the rate of £400 for the first day and £250 for every day after that.

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Information Literacy Skills

One of the most important skills we can teach our pupils to be independent learners. Visit the virtual training site.

Credo Reference is an easy-to-use tool for research projects and homework. All Worcestershire secondary and secondary-middle schools have access to this. Ask your School Librarian or SLS for more details.
Online demos are available on YouTube at

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Recruitment and Induction

An effective learning Resource Centre, responsive to the changing needs of the school environment, requires staff with an understanding of both education and libraries

Schools' Library Service can offer a range of services to facilitate the induction of your newly appointed librarian to work effectively from the start, regardless of previous experience

Cost of package: assuming two days work = £680

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Worcestershire Children's Book Group

Affiliated to the national FCBG, Worcestershire's local group is offered touring authors for schools, so here's a chance for your pupils to hear an author first hand to inspire reading and writing in school. Admittedly sometimes at short notice, the small subscription fee is far less than the cost of buying in an author visit and because invitations are sent to other local schools you may be able to benefit from many authors in a year.
Please download our Worcestershire Children’s Book Group Membership Form 2014 (PDF 106 KB).
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