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Admin, Management and Support

Admin, Management and Support

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right arrow grey Back Office Efficiencies (Adult and Community Services)(PDF 45 KB)

This proposal will focus on ensuring that Finance and Business Support functions within Adults and Community Services have the capability to reduce the size and cost of the Back Office.

right arrow grey Adult Social Care Restructure (PDF 42 KB)

This project is a review of management staffing across all services within Adult Social Care.

right arrow grey Carers Unit (PDF 25 KB)

It is proposed to review the funding stream for the Carers Unit and future provision of the service.

right arrow grey Review of Base Budget (Adult and Community Services)(PDF 41 KB)

This is a complete review of base budget expenditure including an examination of current spending profiles to highlight areas for potential budget reductions.

right arrow grey Therapy Staff (Adult and Community Services) (PDF 40 KB)

This project will review the funding for therapy staff based in resource centres with a view to transferring the funding responsibility from Worcestershire County Council to the NHS.

right arrow grey Older Adult Mental Health Team (PDF 41 KB)

This project will realise savings from more efficient ways of working and through the deletion of existing vacant posts.

right arrow grey Back Office and Support Functions (Children's Services)(PDF 79 KB)

This project will realise savings through Centralising functions that are currently delivered in different parts of the Directorate, management restructuring, reviewing property use, maximise use of ICT and ensuring back office functions are working as efficiently as possible.

right arrow grey Review of Public Information (Children's Services)(PDF 16 KB)

This project will develop high profile directorate Information Advice and Assistance functions to be consolidated into one place, so that there is one specialist outward-facing service for information, advice and assistance for children, young people, (prospective) parents and carers.

right arrow grey Efficiencies in Highways Maintenance (PDF 29 KB)

Through contract re-negotiation this project aims to secure further cost reductions in relation to the highways maintenance contract with no reduction to service provision.

right arrow grey Scientific Services (PDF 36 KB)

This project will review how Scientific Services is funded and administered in order to ensure that maximum efficiency and value for money are being achieved through becoming a traded service.

right arrow grey Streamlining Planning, Economy and Performance Directorate (PDF 16 KB)

This project aims to reduce costs across the Directorate through; reviews and restructures to produce efficiencies and income generation.

right arrow grey Customer Payments (PDF 29 KB)

This project will establish a clear, single strategy for customer payments, focusing on encouraging the use of the most efficient methods of payment whilst retaining the element of choice and ensuring payments are handled in the most efficient way by standardising payment channels.

right arrow grey Customer Focus (PDF 36 KB)

This project will improve customer service further whilst also delivering additional savings for the organisation through;

  • Expanding the range of services for which the Worcestershire Hub is the first point of contact
  • Improving existing processes to transform services
  • Reducing unnecessary and avoidable customer contact
  • Increasing the use of self service and promoting these channels to customers as appropriate
right arrow grey Better Use of Property (PDF 19 KB)

The Council owns or leases 262 (non-school) buildings. This project will review all of these buildings with the main aim to reduce the total number of buildings whilst retaining those that provide the best mix of flexibility, condition and access.

right arrow grey Performance Management (PDF 36 KB)

This project proposes to ensure performance management is delivered “efficiently” (at least cost) and “effectively” (that the processes make the most positive difference to achieving the organisation's priorities and objectives, and meets the national, regional and local reporting and inspection regimes).

right arrow grey Marketing and Communications (PDF 17 KB)

This project aims to remodel the current marketing and communications service to ensure it is fit for purpose to support the future of the organisation and provide efficiencies.

right arrow grey Streamlining Resources Directorate (PDF 17 KB)

Resources Directorate has identified a number of opportunities to streamline its services through:

  • Doing things better
  • Responding to a volume reduction;
  • Stopping doing things that are no longer a priority
right arrow grey People Initiatives (PDF 32 KB)

This project will review options for reducing workforce costs through changes to employment terms and conditions.

right arrow grey Flexible and Mobile Environments (PDF 52 KB)

This project’s aim is to deliver a step-change increase in FAME working and in particular remote working, with a view to delivering the associated benefits for individual employees, the County Council and the environment.

right arrow grey Better Use of Technology (PDF 56 KB)

The purpose of this project is to make some stepped changes in better utilisation of the County Council’s use and development of ICT in order to support improved service delivery and reduce costs.

right arrow grey Opportunities for Improving Procurement (PDF 27 KB)

This project focuses on four key themes to improve procurement across the Council:-

  • Supporting the delivery of cost efficiencies
  • Supporting the modernisation of services
  • Supporting the shaping of markets
  • Supporting process efficiencies
right arrow grey Streamlining Financial Transactions (PDF 24 KB)

The project is an enabling project, supporting Directorates to deliver change to their back office, financial administration.

right arrow grey Charging Policy (PDF 44 KB)

This project will establish a set of principles in relation to charging policy, monitor the impact of charging against key and vulnerable groups to ensure that no one is unfairly disadvantaged, ensure that all potential avenues are identified and explored and provide a link to other Local Authorities undergoing similar reviews in order to share and learn from their experiences.

right arrow grey Design and Print (PDF 48 KB)

The purpose of this project is to remodel Design and Print functions. This will be achieved by externalising print work, restructuring Design and Print roles and working to reduce print volume by 50%.

right arrow grey Support Services (PDF 30 KB)

This project will review key support services across the Council such as Human Resources and Finance. This will identify services that would benefit from a more standardised approach and support them to identify more cost efficient and effective use of their resources.

right arrow grey Business Miles (PDF 68 KB)

Business Mileage refers specifically to the miles claimed by staff travelling for business purposes in their own private vehicles and was commenced following suggestions from staff. The aim of the project is to reduce the miles claimed by staff through raising awareness with staff and managers so they can advise and encourage staff to adopt alternatives to face-to-face meetings.

right arrow grey External Meeting Rooms and Hospitality (PDF 26 KB)

This project was initiated following numerous suggestions received from staff which highlighted refreshments were being ordered via the catering contractors for internal meetings. Also, that a significant number of meetings were being held in commercial venues, when cheaper alternatives are available.

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