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  • Visit the Commandery – visit this impressive historic building and discover its varied history, from its beginnings as a monastic hospital through the Civil War and up to the present day

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Planning and Booking your Visit

  All school visits to the City Art Gallery & Museum must be booked in advance. To make a booking contact the Access and Learning Officer, or the gallery, on 01905 25371.

You can visit the gallery as part of a self directed group or you can book a workshop session with a member of our Gallery Education team.
 city museum learning


 Special Needs  
 city museum learning

If you are visiting as a self directed group we recommend that you make a preliminary planning visit to the gallery, as our exhibitions change regularly and you may want to make sure that the displays are appropriate for your visit.

Our Access and Learning Officer can also offer advice on planning a visit.  Tel: 01905 25371. 

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements before you visit and we can adapt our workshop programme to suit your needs. We also have a specific needs specialist on our education team who can help organise and facilitate your visit whatever the age, ability or size of group.

Workshop Activities offered by Gallery Education Staff

The Art Gallery has a small education team, which includes freelancers and artists. We can devise sessions to meet your needs and respond to current teaching programmes. We also offer the following workshops for school groups.


Museum Staff led sessions KS3 and above      

                -  £4.50 each

Early years/Key stage 1 and 2                         

                -  £45.00 per session (c. 30 children)


                 -  £45.00 per session (c. 30 children)



Portrait Workshops

Subject link: Art and Design

  city museum learning 

This activity is designed for Key stage 1 (Unit 1a).  The children have the opportunity to study a number of portraits from the museum collection.  The paintings reflect varied styles, media and fashion.  The class will be able to create a ‘silhouette’ self-portrait and a portrait of a friend, working in pastel and chalk.  Period dressing-up hats will be available to introduce a variety of characters!

Cost: £45 per session

Munching Caterpillars and Beautiful Butterflies

Subject link : Art and Design and Natural History

This workshop can be adapted for Key stage 1 and 2. The group can discover our wonderful butterfly and moth collection. Inspired by the incredible shapes and colours, children can create their own 3D  insects, and portray working in charcoal.

Cost: £45.00 per session

Toys of the Past

   city museum learning

Subject link: History

Key stage 1

Unit 1: How are our toys different from those in the past?
An opportunity for children to discover the magic of our toy collection and to make a simple moving puppet!

Cost : £45.00 per session


Gloves and Shoes

Subject links : History and Art and Design

Adapted for Key stage 1 and 2

Discover more about our local industries, and the tools and materials used to make fine gloves and shoes!
Choose to create a ‘3D’ shoe or glove from collage materials.

Cost : £45.00 per session

Woodland Magic

Subject links : History and Art and Design

Key Stage 1 and 2, Nursery, Reception and SEN groups

Working with our collection of British mammal specimens, the children will explore different animal worlds and create a 3D animal habitat using an assortment of collage material and clay.

Cost: £45.00 per session

Fighting Armour and Paper Dragons

Subject Links : History and Art and Design

Key  Stage 1 and 2, Nursery, Reception and SEN Groups

Children will be able to examine and handle examples of replica armour from different periods, and have fun making origami paper dragons ready for battle!

Cost: £45.00 per session

Natures Treasure Trove

   city museum learning

Subject links : History and Art and Design

Key Stage 1 and 2, Nursery, Reception and SEN groups

Be inspired by a wonderful display of rocks, shells and fossils, collected by Victorian fossil hunters and geologists from around the world!  Children can observe the shapes, colours and textures and replica patterns by drawing (with charcoal) and make fossil impressions.

Cost: £45.00 per session


Fossil fun!

Reception, Key stage 1 and 2 and SEN groups.

This activity encourages children to explore and handle our wonderful collection of fossils, rocks and minerals. They will have the opportunity to sort the specimens, make charcoal observation drawings, and create a clay fossil reincarnation.

After looking at the tools of the geologist (and dressing up!) teams will be able to make exploding volcanoes, and experiment with volcanic lava.

Morning sessions: 2 hours

Group size c.30

Cost: £45.00 per session

We are also offering "Worcestershire at War" Workshops


Workshops for Key stage 1 and SEN groups:

Worcester at War  - 'Remembrance' 

Designed to support the teaching of Unit 17. This workshop includes object handling and discussion, focused on our WW1 collection.  Children will make single poppies, and a collective poppy wreath.   There will also be a story session with Gwen Williams from Theatre Company 'Pattern 23' – during which the children will be transported to settings so different from today, but the themes will link with the present – school, travel, pets, siblings and helping at home.

Workshops for Key stage 2:

For the last 3 years we have been offering workshops for Key stage 2 groups in The Worcestershire Soldier Galleries, to support the teaching of Unit 9: Children in the Second World War. Using objects, historical sources, stories and role play our aim is to bring the Home Front alive!

·         Option 1 -  War time Worcester! 

(Led by Paul Harding from the re-enactment group 'Discover History')

The children will be transported back to war time Britain. They will take on the role of the Civil Defence – an ARP Warden, a Land Army Girl and a member of the Home Guard! The children will be immersed in the daily activities and drills, and respond to a major bomb hit at the Meco Works, Bromyard Road, Worcester!

Other activities include: 'Pack a Parcel' (an insight to rationing and POW status) and 'War Work' (Worcestershire war time memories, photographs and objects).

·         Option 2 -  Morton's Militia!

(Led by Gwen Williams from specialist Theatre Group 'Pattern 23')

This is an adventure story set in wartime Worcester, with characters Jimmy, Liz, Polly, Peter and friends. The story will portray the evacuee experience – rationing, salvage collection, expectations and duties, and enforced changes to family life. Other activities will include 'Pack a Parcel' and 'Worcester War Work', as described above.


Cost: £130.00        Group size: c.30        Morning sessions: 2.5 hours


Please note that other workshops will be offered throughout the year – linked to our programme of Temporary Exhibitions.

We are also delighted to offer bespoke workshops on themes linked to your school topic and our collection.  For further discussion please contact:

Kate Phillipson, Access and Learning Officer (01905 25371)

For all visits to the gallery we ask that you:

Ensure that pupils understand that the gallery is a public space and that the needs of other visitors are to be respected

That you provide the appropriate level of adult support to child ratio, particularly where children are working in small groups.

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