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Number of current inquests
 Name Of DeceasedGenderDate Inquest Open
BAIG HamidaFemale29 January 2015
BANCROFT RichardMale25 February 2015
BANNISTER Maud MaryFemale04 February 2015
BARLEY David JohnMale06 February 2015
BARNES Leo MartinMale02 February 2015
BIDDLE Maurice JohnMale19 November 2014
BOW Mitchel JonMale19 January 2015
BROWN Veronica MaryFemale10 October 2014
BUBB Mavis RosieFemale13 February 2015
BUSHER EleanorFemale05 February 2015
CAMPBELL Betty ThelmaFemale26 February 2015
CARTWRIGHT Paul GeorgeMale07 January 2015
CATANACH Bryan ArnoldMale17 February 2015
CATTELL Scott BrianMale27 March 2014
CLISSETT John HaroldMale06 January 2015
CONGRAVE Barbara AileenFemale03 February 2015
COURT EricMale05 January 2015
COWARD Abigail RuthFemale08 January 2015
CULLIS Walter George HubertMale24 February 2015
DENTON MaryFemale24 February 2015
DOWNS Martin JosephMale14 January 2015
DYKE BarbaraFemale07 January 2015
ELLIS Wayne Edward LawrenceMale30 January 2015
ENTWISTLE Keith TabithaMale05 December 2014
FINCH NellieFemale07 January 2015
Total number of results: 85

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