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Number of current inquests
 Name Of DeceasedGenderDate Inquest Open
AGIMAL Harbans SinghMale24 June 2014
ANDZAN AleksandrsMale21 May 2014
APPLETON Lexie GraceFemale22 July 2014
ASH PeterMale10 June 2014
AUGER William JohnMale10 June 2014
BAYNHAM MurielFemale27 June 2014
BOSWELL KarenFemale16 July 2014
BOWLES Jacob St John-MarcombeMale11 June 2014
BROWN Barbara JoanFemale10 July 2014
CATTELL Scott BrianMale27 March 2014
CHAMBERLAIN ThomasMale01 May 2014
CHAMBERS SamuelMale15 May 2014
COLEY Paul MalicusMale08 January 2014
COLTON James PaulMale06 September 2013
COMPTON BarryMale22 July 2014
COOMBES Edward JohnMale10 July 2014
COPLEY Noel AnthonyMale28 October 2013
COTTERILL StefanMale02 July 2014
CROWE Jamie NormanMale30 May 2014
CROWTHER CarolineFemale17 April 2014
DANS Gary AnthonyMale07 July 2014
DARBY Marjorie RoseFemale11 June 2014
DINSDALE PaulMale23 July 2014
DUFFY Thomas FrancisMale29 March 2011
DUKE EdwardMale21 May 2014
Total number of results: 79

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