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Number of current inquests
 Name Of DeceasedGenderDate Inquest Open
ADAMS Stephen MartinMale02 July 2015
AKINS StewartMale02 June 2015
BANNISTER Maud MaryFemale04 February 2015
BARNES Leo MartinMale02 February 2015
BATTEN Lawrence MichaelMale09 September 2015
BONHAM DoreenFemale14 May 2015
BOTT HazelFemale01 July 2015
BRADLEY Reginald WilliamMale09 September 2015
BROTHERTON Wendy AnnFemale04 August 2015
BROWN Peggy MargaretFemale28 July 2015
BULL Oliver DanielMale03 July 2015
BURTON ClaraFemale22 July 2015
BUSBY SarahFemale30 September 2015
CAMPBELL Betty ThelmaFemale26 February 2015
CARROLL Dorothy JeanFemale17 September 2015
CATANACH Bryan ArnoldMale17 February 2015
CATTLIN Antony BrianMale12 August 2015
CHESSON Jacqueline MaryFemale02 October 2015
CROWE Peter AlanMale22 July 2015
CROWTHER-GREEN Derek ThomasMale22 July 2015
CULLUM Matthew JohnMale10 September 2015
CURTIS Gladys IreneFemale27 August 2015
CUTMORE Tobias StephenMale02 June 2015
DAVIS Michael JohnMale17 September 2015
DENTON ColinMale02 July 2015
Total number of results: 122

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